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As part of our efforts to invest in the full educational experience of our students, we at Nomen Global have built a new, beautiful campus at the heart of the Orem-Provo area. 


The school boasts eight spacious classrooms, including a computer lab and break room. The classrooms’ large windows invite a flood of Utah’s warm natural light into the space. Classrooms are designed to promote collaboration, confidence, and learning among students to learn American English.

Each classroom is equipped with a TV, camera system, and iPad, which are used for all classroom instruction. As a school of the future, Nomen Global uses technology for all of its teaching. This technology allows students to attend class from home when they are not able to attend school in person.

In addition to classrooms, Nomen Global students enjoy access to a number of other on-site facilities. The student lounge holds a ping pong table, foosball table, vending machine, tv, and couches. The gym houses cardio and weight training machines, a sauna, a racquetball court, and locker rooms. Soon to be added to the recreational section of the campus is a new sports court for basketball and pickleball. When students need to take proctored exams like the TOEFL, they are able to do so at the Nomen Global Testing Center. Immigration Counseling Service, a branch of the school’s corporate entity, provides affordable guidance on legal issues, including immigration and visa application. 

Students have full access to not only the above facilities but also our exceptional faculty and staff, who are able to connect students to outside resources for help in any other aspect of their lives, including medical, legal, housing, and financial resources.

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