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It is strongly recommended that students have health insurance while attending Nomen Global. We encourage you to get insurance prior to coming to the U.S. Students may decide to acquire insurance after their arrival, but it is highly advisable that they should have insurance, and failure to do so could result in extremely expensive medical care while in the U.S.

Nomen Global retains on-site reference informa-tion regarding student health insurance, as well

as a listing of community resources for medical providers. The student health insurance information is also sent to the student in the Acceptance Packet. The medical provider list includes local clinics that can treat students at reduced prices. These are available for the students in the Student Handbook. 

While it may seem like an unwanted extra cost, health insurance is an essential thing for all students to have. As America's English Language School, our first priority is a student's health and experience. To explore your healthcare options, we recommend you visit the ISO page.

Student holding a health insurance pamphlet in front of the Nomen Global logo
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