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Come Practice the TOEFL

Get ready to ace the TOEFL with our comprehensive practice tests! Designed to mirror the actual exam, our tests cover all sections, including reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Enhance your English proficiency, build test-taking confidence, and achieve your target score with our expertly crafted practice materials.

Practice TOEFL Test Information

  • Exam begins at 9:30 am 

  • Registration and payment deadline: 4 days prior to test

  • Payment of $65 may be made Online on the payments page, or in-person to Trina or at the front desk to Kaylee or Guadalupe. 

Practice TOEFL Dates for 2024

Friday, March 22
(Payment due on the 18th)

Friday, April 19
(Payment due on the 15th)

Friday, July 19
(Payment due on the 15th)

Friday, Aug 16
(Payment due on the 12th)

Friday, November 15
(Payment due on the 11th)

Friday, December 13
(Payment due on the 9th)

Contact us to schedule your TOEFL practice test!

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