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Nomen Global Mission Statement

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

"Nomen Global Language Centers substantially helps students from all cultures and walks of life to excel in each aspect of their English acquisition and to obtain their goals for the future, including but not limited to “World Readiness” and preparation for life in the 21st Century.  We achieve this goal by means of qualified and experienced faculty, dedicated staff, engaging and challenging curriculum, technical innovation, and professional and ethical student services."

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Bi-Weekly Enrollment

Nomen Global's innovative bi-weekly enrollment helps you learn English on your own schedule. Our curriculum is divided into eight, self-contained modules (called "blocks"), each lasting two weeks. This gives you the flexibility to:


  • Start any time: Your student-specific semester begins whenever it is most convenient for you to start your intensive English language program. We have availability every two weeks so you’ll never have to wait long!


  • Learn without comparison: because our students are each at unique stages in their ESL journey they are better equipped to learn from each other as a result. All of our students have been where you are now.


  • Meet immigration requirements: We help you tailor your American English learning to your specific Student Visa requirements. Once you are enrolled and attending classes there is no need to worry about falling out of F-1 status—you will always get the help you need.

Language Proficiency Scale (LPS)


The LPS helps us figure out your current English skills. We used two well-known scales called the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) to create the LPS so we have an American English proficiency scale that was created with ESL students in mind. This creates:


  • Classrooms with similar English skills: You’ll be in a class with people who can speak and understand English at a similar level to you. This makes learning a language easier and faster as you learn from each other in a safe environment.


  • LPS Evaluation: When you arrive at Nomen Global, you will be evaluated with a standardized placement test that will give you an understanding of what English level you are currently at. You can always choose to start at a lower level to make sure you don’t have holes in your English knowledge, but we believe knowing your current English proficiency is important.

Learning Objectives


Every course at Nomen Global has clearly defined course objectives that can be broken into individual lesson objectives. This means:


  • Daily focus on achievable ESL tasks: Every class period you will know what you are expected to learn and how the related class work is building those skills.


  • Measurable growth: Daily self-checks allow you to evaluate your English learning and help you visualize your progress towards the overall course objectives.


  • Visible value: Knowing that you are learning and working towards your goals provides peace of mind as you invest in your education.

Transferable Work Skills


As you work to learn American English, we also help you build your strength in the top 10 skills that US universities and employers look for including: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, interpersonal communication, listening, oral communication, problem solving, reading comprehension, writing and speaking English accurately, and Written communication. By building these skills you will become:


  • World ready: being "world-ready" goes beyond simply learning another language. It signifies a comprehensive development of knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Nomen Global subscribes to ACTFL’s World Readiness Standards.


  • USA Ready: Developing these skills prepares you for future education and career opportunities in the United States. We want to help you succeed long after you have mastered English by helping you understand what US employers and educators will expect from you.

Thematic Approach


Each student’s semester is divided into 8 unique American culture themes. The themes cover a range of topics and traditions that will contextualize the student’s English learning. This creates:


  • Cultural competency: You will be more effective in communicating with native English speakers when you understand their culture. 


  • Correlated Classes: Your classes like Grammar, Integrated Skills, Practical English Workshops, and others have connecting grammar and culture principles connected throughout to give you a complete learning experience.


  • Increased Sense of Community: Even though everyone is learning different things (like prepositional phrases or adjectival clauses) in their different levels, the student body is still connected! Everyone learns about the same cultural themes, which helps you make friends and feel like part of a strong community.


  • Continuous Growth: As you move to a new level, you'll see some familiar cultural topics! We explore the same topics at each level using new vocabulary and grammar. This way, you keep growing and deepening your English skills!

Cognitive Maps


We use visual aids to explore how to  approach mental concepts like cause and effect, definition, classification, sequence of events, compare and contrast, and others. This helps students from a variety of different cultures understand  new thought processes and communicate more effectively and persuasively with native English speakers.


Advanced Modular ESL Curriculum™

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At Nomen Global your future is our main priority, so we offer advanced classes focused on university preparation. Whether you have a high school or undergraduate degree, we have something to help bring you to the next level of education and career readiness. Here you can find a description of each of our main courses, but if you don't see what you're looking for please don't hesitate to contact us and tell us about your goals.

ESL Courses (Levels 1-5)

This is an Intensive English Language Program (IELP) for f-1 visa holders. Students are evaluated using Nomen Global’s Language Proficiency Scale and enrolled with other students of a similar fluency level in a program that combines 5 correlated classes including:


  • English Grammar

  • Listening and Speaking Workshop

  • Practical English Writing

  • Integrated Skills

  • Elective course (Different for each level, ex: Learning English Through Film.)

Levels 1-5 are designed to bring a low level English speaker up to a university ready proficiency. If you are a second language English speaker preparing for a future baccalaureate program or career in the USA—this is the perfect place to start. 

TOEFL Prep (Level 6)

The level 6 course is for those students who are actively applying to universities. This course is composed of three main classes:

  • Applied English Grammar

  • Advanced English Skills

  • TOEFL® Preparation

At the end of this course you can choose to take a full-length mock TOEFL exam administered by the school that will help you decide if you are ready for the real one.

This course is designed to help students be undergraduate ready in their English proficiency.

GRE/GMAT Prep (Level 7)

The 7 course is for students who have completed an undergraduate program in the US, or their home country, and want to prepare for the GRE, or GMAT so they can move on to the Graduate program of their choice. It is composed of the following classes:

  • GRE/GMAT® Verbal Component 

  • GRE/GMAT®Writing Component 

  • GRE/GMAT®Quantitative Component 

  • Specialization Course (Independent study, English literature, )

  • Applying for the future

This course was created to help international students succeed in their graduate studies and careers. Not only will this course prepare you for the GRE and GMAT, but it will also prepare you for graduate student level discussions, resume and application writing, and other high level English skills.

Our Courses

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