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Nomen Global offers the best price-for-value English education in Utah—guaranteed. Our tuition prices cover not only education, but facilities, student services, activities, and a broad range of student success resources. Our prices are set to allow everyone the opportunity to access exceptional education on a budget. For specifics on program costs, please speak with an advisor.

Refunds are issued based on the following policy and schedule:

Refund Amount
Day of Payment
100% Tuition Refund
1 Day After Payment
85% Tuition Refund
2 Days After Payment
55% Tuition Refund
3 Days of Payment
40% Tuition Refund
4 Days After Payment
25% Tuition Refund
5 Days After Payment
0% Tuition Refund

We know that each student's situation is different, so you can contact an advisor to customize an English learning experience to your needs. 

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