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 It’s the 21st century—time to let go of our traditional views of adult education. Gone are the days of people signing up for part-time courses and waiting to start a months-long program with their cohort. The modern professional is being pulled in all directions by their work, their families, and their social obligations; the traditional, linear delivery of education just doesn’t work for their busy lives.

     That’s why modular learning is so groundbreaking. Adult ESL learners need to be able to access their learning when and how it's convenient for them. They shouldn’t have to worry that missing a class for a doctor’s appointment or even missing two weeks for a family emergency is going to set them far behind their peers. In the modern world, modular learning is the only way to meet the diverse needs of every individual.

    And it makes sense, too, because no one actually learns a new language in a straight line. While levels of proficiency build off of each other (intermediate comes after beginner), the concepts taught within each level of proficiency don’t need to be taught in any particular order. An adult ESL student can and should study those concepts in whatever sequence is convenient for them. The problem is that traditional ESL textbooks and curricula insist on students learning in a set order; that’s why these programs consistently fail to meet the needs of the adult ESL learner.

    Native English was created, in part, to bring the world of ESL up to speed with modern learning. The Native English curriculum is specially designed for modular delivery. Students can start their learning in any unit of the book, and proceed in any order they like, without feeling left behind. All of the content for each unit is self contained. Native English’s innovative pedagogical methods give both teachers and students total freedom to adapt the curriculum however they see fit. 

   It’s time to leave the inflexible linear delivery model behind. Teachers want something better, students want something better, and Native English has made something better. The Native English curriculum allows professionals from any background and under any circumstances to take hold of their English education and make it work for them.

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