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Why it’s time to treat ESL learners like adults...

   Have you ever thumbed through an ESL textbook and thought why does this feel like a book for first graders? For some reason, publishers design their books as though they are going to be used only by children. Even books aimed at adults are full of cartoonish illustrations and bright colors. Publishers who do try to make their textbooks more mature end up creating dull blocks of text that fail to inspire and engage the reader. Surely, ESL publishers can make books for adults that are both mature and engaging.

    We need to change our mental picture of ESL students. These adult ESL learners are often respected professionals in their home country; they have degrees and experience and respect. When they start to learn English, they feel insecure because of their initial inability to communicate. Childish activities and reading materials only weaken their confidence. No matter their background, these learners deserve to be treated with respect as they begin their English-learning journey.

That’s the approach Native English has taken to ESL textbooks. Each page of a Native English textbook is designed to engage the reader while respecting their maturity. Textbook design elements like color, illustrations, images, icons, and fonts were chosen carefully to balance maturity against engagement. Contrary to market trends, Native English believes that books can be colorful and visually appealing without being childish.

    Learning English is more than just adding a new skill to your resume. English is a path towards a better future for millions of people around the world. Native English believes in creating a learning environment where students feel engaged, confident, and respected. 

    Want to learn English from a curriculum that was specifically designed for adult learners? Check out Native English. Our app and web readers let students and teachers quickly and easily access the Native English library of textbooks. 

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