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How Native English Changed Jose's Life

  Jose was always a smart kid, but he came from a poor family, so there were very few opportunities for him to fulfill his dreams in his home country. He didn’t let his circumstances hold him back though; he was committed to achieving his big goals.

    Jose worked hard, and he and his family saved money for his education. When he was a bit older, he applied to study English in the US. He practiced for his visa interview and prepared everything he would need for his journey. When he finally made it to the US, he struggled at first. He didn’t know anyone; he didn’t know how to get around; he didn’t know how to take care of himself. But he didn’t give up.

    He made friends at his English school, and they helped him get settled. Once he figured out how to live in the US, he had to face his next big challenge: learning English. Jose started in Native English Level 1 for beginners. At first, he couldn’t understand anything the teacher was saying. He felt totally overwhelmed, and he thought about giving up. Slowly but surely, however, Jose started to build his vocabulary and increase his skills. 

    Jose moved from Level 1 to Level 2, then from Level 2 to Level 3. Each time he moved up a level, he felt uncomfortable and unprepared. But he soon realized that the curriculum was intentionally pushing him out of his comfort zone. That discomfort helped him learn faster and better. By the time he finished each level, he felt like a pro.

    It only took a few years for Jose to be prepared to take the TOEFL test. Because he had been practicing all of the essential English skills, he didn’t struggle on any section of the test. It was difficult, yes, but he felt totally confident. Not long after, he received his certificate saying he passed the TOEFL test with a high score.

    Jose used his TOEFL score to apply to a top university in the US. He went on to study, get a degree, and land a great job working for a US company. It took many years of hard work for him to accomplish his dreams, but he never gave up. The Native English curriculum helped him go from a beginner- to an advanced-speaker quickly and efficiently. He learned all of the skills he needed to succeed in school, work, and life. Now, Jose is living his dream and helping others back home do the same.

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