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Nomen Global Language Centers substantially helps students from all cultures and walks of life to excel in each aspect of their English acquisition and to obtain their goals for the future, including but not limited to "World Readiness" and preparation for life in the 21st Century. We achieve this goal by means of qualified and experienced faculty, dedicated staff, engaging and challenging curriculum, technical innovation, and professional and ethical student services.

Nomen Global was born of a vision to bring exceptional English skills to every corner of the world. Over its more than two decades of operation, the school has developed a curriculum that builds proper English fluency. As the school continues to grow, English students from all diverse walks of life will gain unimagined access to valuable language and life skills.

Nomen Global believes that language learning is nonlinear, meaning success with one concept doesn’t require success in a previous concept at that level of fluency. For this reason, our courses are designed to be taken in any order without the risk of falling behind. Language is learned as students immerse themselves in new and challenging concepts.

Admittance to Nomen Global can happen at any two-week interval—known here as a block—of the school’s semester, meaning new students can start whenever in the year is best for them; there is no need to wait months for a new semester to start. When it comes to education, we understand and respect that everyone’s pace is different, which is why our courses are meant to challenge you at your own speed.

Above all, Nomen Global seeks to provide its students with the necessary skills to achieve “World Readiness”. “World Readiness” means having what you need to succeed in education, career, and all other aspects of life. We don’t want our students to just get by; we want them to thrive and become strong leaders in their communities. This ultimate objective of our school is what inspires us to continually develop our leading English learning program.




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